Exploring strategies, different experiences and a common frame

This webinar aims to share examples of strategies, experiences, and projects in different areas of the EAL, mentioning especially our experience with people on the autism spectrum.

We would also like to share and discuss a common frame of EAL interventions based on the latest international definitions. We will share

  • Individualised EAL sessions with children with learning difficulties and neurodiversity.
  • EAL in Education environment: Youth Resource Centre. Working with youth with different syndromes and conditions.
  • EAL psychosocial intervention with youth at risk.
  • EAL in Home/Residence, working with fully dependent adults.
  • Psycho-emotional Coaching with individuals.


  • What do we understand by Equine-assisted learning?
  • Who should do EAL?
  • Different examples and experiences of EAL, strategies, etc.
  • Autism & EAL.
  • Questions and discussion.

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