Equine Assisted Services in Malta

The experience you desire, the step you require.

We promote inclusivity, empowerment, and growth through the transformative power of the human-horse connection.

Our dedicated team consists of highly qualified professionals with significant experience and a deep understanding of horses providing a stimulating and healing experience.

Our services

We prioritise the safety and desired outcomes of our interventions,

ensuring that each session is tailored to meet the specific needs of our participants.

I recommend this service because children achieve goals while enjoying themselves.

– Mr. & Ms. Camilleri

I really recommend these sessions with Mr. Carlos and his team. They are structured programmes catered to each individual according to their strengths and needs. They are patient and dedicated with their students. Very professional indeed.

– Ms. Muscat

I definitely recommend it! I’ve been to two sessions so far and can already see the benefits of Carlos’ great work !!

– Ms. Farrugia